Campaign with us


Spread the word and raise awareness! There are so many ways you can play a part in our programme.

Donor Recruitment and Public Education

Help us make an introduction to your community, company for an awareness session! We promise that the content is engaging and it’s easy to organise.

We need your help to book a meeting room and gather staff on your preferred day and time.

The more the merrier - A townhall or team training is recommended because we really want to share this life-saving mission with everyone.

We will prepare the necessary collaterals for your dissemination to your colleagues or friends. On the day itself, a speaker will be there to share real-life experiences and the FACTS on the donation process.


If you want to help patients with blood-related diseases but you are not ready to sign up as a marrow donor. Fret not! Have a chat with us and we can work together to raise funds. It can be as easy as displaying QR codes at your retail shop, office events, even at weddings!

If you are ready to start your own fundraising campaign, here are some quick steps to start:

  2. Select “The Bone Marrow Donor Programme”
  3. Key in your campaign story and details
  4. We will review and once the campaign is approved, the campaign will be lived!