"A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the
right person when we expect nothing in return.”
– A quote from our Patron from “Celebrations of Heroes”
– an event to show appreciation to all our donors.

Mr K. Shanmugam

Minister for Home Affairs
Minister for Law
MP for Nee Soon GRC
Patron, Bone Marrow Donor Programme

When BMDP invited me as Patron in 2014, I gladly accepted it. The opportunity to champion an organisation that saves lives was compelling and I was not alone.

I joined tens of thousands of individuals in Singapore, who willingly put their names down to help someone who could be a total stranger, in their most critical period of need. The act of donating is an incredible display of courage, selflessness and charity.

As Patron, I was honoured to meet many of these heroes who shared their stories with me. Some had to overcome obstacles and misconceptions to be a part of this. Others, motivated after seeing their own loved one struggle with blood-related diseases. They come from all walks of life. Regardless of motivations, they represent the beauty of the human spirit.

We invite people to sign up as bone marrow donors – and we are inviting you to join us.

There are no special qualifications required. Just a few moments and a commitment to do something extraordinary with our lives. And while you’re at it, consider how your organisation too can play a part. Invite members of your community to join us.

Saving a life with BMDP is nothing more than a handful of days for you and me, but it represents a lifetime to another person.

This gift of courage, friendship and compassion will go a long way. So help us to make a difference today.